Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport









Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport (SMET)

We got your back.

Robotic Research’s has developed a state-of-the-art autonomy kit for the Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport (SMET) that can work on-road and off-road. Infantry Soldiers often carry an array of supplies and gear that together can weigh anywhere from 60 to 120 pounds, said Capt. Erika Hanson, the assistant product manager for SMET. The SMET vehicles are designed to lighten this load.



The autonomy kit, developed by Robotic Research, allows for fully autonomous operations. Modalities include follow-me and waypoint navigation, both with full obstacle detection and avoidance. In the follow-me modality, soldiers are followed at short or long distances in GPS or GPS-denied areas. The autonomy kit builds maps of its environment. Technologies are vehicle independent, allowing the government to update or exchange vehicles in the future. The system is controlled through the Pocket Universal Controller Kit, or PUCK. PUCK is compatible with government software, including ATAK and Nett Warrior, reducing then need for soldiers to carry extra radios, screens, or batteries. The autonomous stack developed by Robotic Research was proven to safely and efficiently traverse off-road areas with no operator aid at various complex test sites by active operators. Our autonomy has been tested by the Army, Marines, and SOCOM.