Robotic Research, LLC is a small engineering firm committed to finding innovative, cost-effective solutions in the areas of robotics, intelligent control, sensor processing and specialized computer programming. Robotic Research engineers design, develop, and test state-of-the-art autonomous mobility software.

Robotic Research Awarded AMAS Autonomy Kit Program

Nov. 9, 2015

Robotic Research has been selected by the National Advanced Mobility Consortium (NAMC) and US ARMY TARDEC for its engineering expertise in autonomous software architecture for higher level planning functions (AUT 15-05 “AMAS-High Level Driving & Planning Functions”). More...

Robotic Research Awarded HAMSS Phase I SBIR

Aug. 13, 2015

Robotic Research is awarded the US Air Force Phase I SBIR, HAMSS. More...

Robotic Research Awarded KRSE Phase I SBIR

Aug. 3, 2015

Robotic Research was awarded the US Army Phase I SBIR entitled Kit for Rapid Site Exploitation (KRSE). More...