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Jessika Farrar is a UAV Technician at Robotic Research. She has been building and flying model RC aircraft since she was 6 years old.  Over the years, Jessika’s interest in RC models has evolved, going from gas powered planes built from balsa wood flown strictly line of sight, to flying LiPo powered quadcopters built from Read more


Robotic Research is known for providing the robust autonomous mobility for a variety of platforms. We are the first group to fully tackle the problem of autonomy in unstructured environments including off road terrain, dealing with pedestrians, dealing in areas without GPS.


Robotic Research provides navigation solutions for a variety of vehicles and applications including GPS-denied areas, SUB-T and Megacities. In particular, we have developed navigation units for dismounted warfighters, autonomous ground, aerial and surface vehicles. Robotic Research navigation units are used in both manned and unmanned systems.

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