Mass Transit Solutions

Mass Transit Solutions

The Problem.

While automated transit systems have been in operation for more than 40 years, they have almost exclusively been systems running on fixed guideways with dedicated right-of-way. Although there is a request from public transit agencies across North America for more progressive technology, the implementation of automated mass transit requires highly advanced technology to be implemented successfully.

The Solution.

Robotic Research’s mission to increase the safety and efficiency of mobility begins with mass transportation. Our systems improve the safety of the passengers while obeying the rules of the road and providing safety to fellow vehicles and pedestrians.  Our platform agnostic autonomy kit (AutoDrive) can be installed onto almost any platform with varying levels of autonomy.  These capabilities are currently being evaluated for fourteen (14) different pilot programs around the US.  The autonomy requirements include:  convoying in GPS-denied areas, yard operations, traffic throughput increase, and overall safety improvements.  Robotic Research’s AutoDrive provides technology far exceeding standard ADAS capabilities on its way to Level 4 autonomy.

Skills Used.

Autonomous Technology: 100%
Drive-By-Wire: 100%


Real World Applications