Off-Road Driving

We have developed arguably the most complete suite of off-road autonomous planning and obstacle avoidance tools. We license this technology to the government clients and OEMs. As such, our off-road mobility is used across a number of platforms and applications. Our off-road mobility is constantly being bench-marked to other system (ARL, SOCOM, TARDEC, etc). For example, one of the figures below shows a gauntlet prepared by ONR. Our autonomous mobility system was able to traverse the obstacles in record time with no operator intervention. These algorithms take under consideration the kino-dynamic aspects of the platform, and they search billions of combinations of trajectories to optimize the route in real-time. The same libraries have already been deployed in many sizes, from small UGVs to large autonomous vehicles. Within this tool-set, the High Maneuverability Planner is used to deal with very dense environments that require complicated maneuvers.