Robotic Research President Speaks with U.S. Army Transportation Museum

Clarksburg, Md., Aug. 12, 2020 — Today, Robotic Research President, Alberto Lacaze, spoke with the U.S. Army Transportation Museum, to discuss the future of transportation and robotics in the Army as well as innovative autonomous technology being used to support the Army’s Expedient Leader Follower (ExLF) convoy program. Robotic Research is a leading provider of autonomy software and robotic appliqué for federal and commercial consumers. 


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“I enjoyed discussing insight into the advancement of Army robotics and transportation as well as Robotic Research’s progress in developing and implementing our autonomous technology for the Army’s Expedient Leader Follower program,” said Alberto Lacaze. “We have been working with the Army’s incredible team for many years, and it’s an honor to have a chance to put our advanced technology in robotics and autonomous transportation to work to serve such an important need in protecting and securing our forces.”

In 2018, Robotic Research was awarded a 3-year, $49.7 million contract by the U.S. Army to provide autonomy kits for the Expedient Leader Follower program. This program was created as an expansion to the Autonomous Ground Resupply (AGR) program, creating autonomous resupply convoys by implementing autonomy kits to additional military vehicles. The goal of the program is to reduce risk to human life from roadside IED attacks and other threats by using unmanned convoys to autonomously follow the path of a single, manned vehicle. Robotic Research’s autonomy kit is a fault-tolerant, vehicle-agnostic kit that can be installed onto any tactical wheeled vehicle and provides critical functionality to support a variety of mission sets, from logistics to combat operations.

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