Vehicle Localization Augmentation for Dismounts

The Vehicle Localization Augmentation for Dismounts (VLAD) system provides on the move synchronization of the warfighter’s inertial localization system with the navigation system of a transport vehicle.

Dismount localization systems provide real-time position estimates for the modern warfighter. GPS provides a easy solution to warfighter tracking, but GPS has well-known limitations, including the inability to function in urban canyons, inside most buildings, or underground. This limitation is overcome by augmenting the warfighter tracking system with an inertial measurement unit (IMU). These systems are robust to GPS denial, jamming, and/or spoofing.

One issue with inertial based navigation systems is that their position and orientation estimates drift over the course of time. Inertial based systems also need to be initialized to align their inertial reference frame with a global coordinate frame. High precision IMUs can align their orientation by sensing the rotation of the earth, but this process requires 10-20 minutes where the IMU must remain completely still. This is not acceptable for a warfighter who needs to dismount a vehicle and conduct his mission immediately on arrival.

The Vehicle Localization Augmentation for Dismounts (VLAD) system allows the inertial warfigher localization system to begin a mission immediately on destination arival.