High-Latency Teleoperation

Teleop of Robot’s Improvement System (TORIS) improves upon standard paradigms of robotic teleoperation by implementing novel control algorithms and a user-friendly visualization scheme, minimizing operator exertion and maximize accuracy over high-latency medium-bandwidth connections.

Robotic platforms often must be operated from remote locations, sometimes only accessible through high-latency communications links such as satellite connections. In these scenarios, it is very difficult for operators to perform tasks accurately without extensively increasing operational time. This difficulty is due to the delayed feedback being received by the operator and the inaccuracies of control using standard joystick-style velocity/steering commands. TORIS addresses these issues by changing the control paradigm to a more accurate and closed-feedback system, while keeping the interface with the operator familiar and easy. It also provides additional driving aids and a visualization system that enable an operator to be confident in the outcome of the commands they’re sending to the platform. TORIS has been tested at communications latencies up to 10 seconds round-trip-time, and shows considerable performance increases with even untrained operators.