ARIBO nSight

The nSight system provides a comprehensive suite for collecting and analyzing data to evaluate the performance of unmanned systems.

The nSight system can be used for comparing two autonomous systems or for comparing a human driver to an autonomous system by utilizing a set of autonomous event detections that exploit our knowledge of autonomous mobility software. The nSight system is composed of two main components: the nSight Recorder, and the nSight After Action Review. The nSight Recorder is data archiving hardware that is attached to the vehicle of interest. The Recorder is a single ruggedized computer that has an on-board processor as well as internal and external SSDs. The hardware is tied into the communication bus of the vehicle to retrieve raw and processed data streams.

The nSight After Action Review is a suite of software/hardware that provides storage, analysis, and display capabilities, allowing a user to review, compare, and evaluate the behavior of vehicles from the data collected with the Recorder, whether manually or autonomously driven. Various analytic scripts in the suite generate tags that describe particular events of interest (ex. not stopping at a stop sign, vehicle drove off the assigned path). The suite’s UI is a web application in which all data (videos, vehicle trajectories, info graphics, tags) is time synchronize and can be viewed and played back.