Crystal Hull

Immersive Omni-Directional Camera System

Display live or recorded data using a virtual reality headset to intuitively explore your surroundings.

Limited visibility in the body of armored vehicles (e.g., MRAP, Stryker) leaves soldiers unable to lookout for threats in the surrounding environment. In the dangerous battlefield environment, it is critical to have real-time situational awareness. For these reasons, we have developed a hardware and software solution to provide real-time feedback to the warfighter, using an immersive display to allow a team of vehicle occupants with occluded vision of the outside to independently surveil their surroundings.

We have developed an innovative real-time and playback interface for displaying images, location, and status messages. Currently integrated with the Oculus Rift DK2 headset, this interface provides the user with a wealth of knowledge about the scene.

In addition to real-time viewing, the camera system can be used to record data for use in playback. This can be utilized as a mission preparation and training tool. For example, the newly assigned soldier can experience the exact route that will be traveled in their duties, even comparing collections captured at different times, increasing their comfort level and situational awareness when they have to go out on their mission.

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