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Robotic Research Places 1st

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Robotic Research, LLC’s autonomous robot was top dog in the CANINE competition, announced on June 28, 2012 by TARDEC. CANINE was one of the events showcased during the Robotics Rodeo held at Fort Benning, GA where Robotic Research participated in both the TARDEC and the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) competitions. The first place recognition was presented to Alberto Lacaze during an opening ceremony for the Robotics Rodeo VIP DAY.

canineawardThe Robotic Research-led team (RASR-K9) had been selected as one of six team (from 24 proposals) to participate in CANINE, a TARDEC competition to attract new technologies and spur development of basic and advanced prototypes which are critical to DoD’s near and long term ground robotics technology goals and objectives and are directly relevant to weapons and weapons systems.

“These teams have been tasked with developing and demonstrating small unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) systems capable of advanced tactical behaviors, including the ability to autonomously navigate an area, identify and acquire simple arbitrary objects, and deliver the retrieved objects to a specified location,” as stated in the Robotics Technology Consortium (RTC) news release from the January 28, 2011 start of the program.

There were six phases of the competition, each progressively more difficult. The Robotic Research-led Team also included Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL lead by Charles Reinholtz, Professor and Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering; Mark Del Giorno, Del Services, Eldersburg, MD; and Lee Converse of Cedar Creek Defense, Cartersville, VA. In addition, the use of a Talon platform was with support from QinetiQ-NA.

caninecanineboneTARDEC described the program goals as “The desired behaviors are akin to those possessed by the military working dogs of years past. The focus is on the Fetch and Surveillance behaviors of these animals.” The six teams funded through the CANINE program include:

Robotic Research, LLC – “Reconnaissance and Autonomy for Small Robots – Canine (RASR-K9)”;

Carnegie Mellon University – “A Guardian-Retriever Robot”;

iRobot Corp. – “LABRADOR Learning Autonomous Behavior-based Robot for Adaptive Detection and Object Retrieval”;

Mobile Intelligence Corporation;

Neya Systems, LLC – “A Hybrid Approach to Find and Retrieve and Perimeter Surveillance”; and

Sarnoff Corporation – “Robotic Mobile Autonomous System for Threat Interrogation and Object Fetch”

SPONSOR: TARDEC (Contracting through Robotics Technology Consortium (RTC))
Competition held June 2012

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