Applied Robotics for Installation and Base Operations

ARIBO is an on-demand, autonomous transportation system that services the Womack Army Medical Center campus at Fort Bragg.

Applied Robotics for Installation and Base Operations (ARIBO) is a nation-wide program that joins technology with operational needs in order to demonstrate and evaluate autonomous systems in real-world, semi-controlled environments. ARIBO aims to familiarize people, whether users or non-users, with autonomous and semi-autonomous technologies, in order to build trust and confidence in these new technologies while collecting valuable operational and performance data.

The Autonomous Warrior Transport On-base (AWTO), an ARIBO Program, is addressing the real-world needs of the Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB) at Fort Bragg. The soldiers in this battalion, some of whom have mobility difficulties, often require transportation assistance from the barracks to the Womack Army Medical Center (WAMC). TARDEC and Robotic Research are utilizing robotic technology to provide an unmanned transport system and reservation/reminder system for these soldiers and caretakers. The Program has expanded to include WTB cadre and WAMC staff.

The AWTO transportation system is an on-demand service, where users can request a ride from their mobile phone or on-site kiosks. The shuttle transports participants over a roughly 1 square mile area with five pickup/drop-off locations.