ARIBO: Fort Leonard Wood

Applied Robotics for Installation and Base Operations: Fort Leonard Wood

ARIBO is an autonomous bus system that provides transportation for soldiers at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

Applied Robotics for Installation and Base Operations (ARIBO) is a nation-wide program that joins technology with operational needs in order to demonstrate and evaluate autonomous systems in real-world, semi-controlled environments. ARIBO aims to familiarize people, whether users or non-users, with autonomous and semi-autonomous technologies, in order to build trust and confidence in these new technologies while collecting valuable operational and performance data.

Moving personnel is an important function at all Army installations and critically important at troop training installations like Fort Leonard Wood. At present, Fort Leonard Wood LRC/Transportation estimates that it provides about 2.5M person trips/year in support of the installation training mission. Transportation requirements include routine routes run on a regular basis, scheduled trips, and on-demand transportation (short notice requirements). Under this effort, Fort Leonard Wood is fielding a transit system that will support the mission and reduce operational costs through automated systems that will provide continuously operating capacity. The system will be used to routinely move Soldiers between pre-designated locations on-post and the capability to support other scheduled events on base as needed.