Our Products

Our Products


The AutoDrive™ autonomous driving system applique is the tried-and-tested autonomous driving kit that currently powers vehicles such as Local Motors’ Olli, Pratt & Miller’s shuttle and New Flyer buses. AutoDrive allows vehicles to drive on both pedestrian walkways and on public roads through pedestrian and vehicular traffic. This technology has been deployed to busy boardwalks, on corporate and academic campuses, and on busy public roads on four continents. Learn More


Robotic Research’s nSight™ is a comprehensive end-to-end data collection and analytics suite to enable efficient evaluation, verification and validation, and event reconstruction. nSight is built on a scalable data upload and storage backbone for long-term storage in and access needs from the cloud. Learn More


The PerCV™ System provides a complete scene understanding to improve autonomous mobility. It accepts input from a variety of sensors, including cameras, LIDAR and radar, and uses deep learning pipelines to process the data. PerCV identifies and classifies objects from the sensor data and indicates their locations with respect to the platform. Learn More


Beacon is a family of vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) edge-computing hardware and software used to augment the situational awareness of both manned and unmanned systems. Learn More


The RR-N-140 Navigation System provides accurate absolute and relative 3D (6 DOF) localization information for ground vehicles of all sizes. It is designed specifically for use on unmanned ground vehicles and is heavily customizable to incorporate a wide variety of sensor inputs into the navigation solution. Learn More


Pegasus™ is a family of tactically deployable, transformable, autonomous robotic systems that provides all the air capability of a VTOL UAS in conjunction with the capabilities of a tracked UGV. The Pegasus family consists of the mid-size Pegasus II with mapping and situational awareness capabilities, the larger heavy-lift Pegasus III, and the small back-packable Pegasus Mini that fits in confined spaces. Each Pegasus platform provides the flying and driving capability in a single device, which reduces weight, cost, and operator training. Our Pocket Universal Controller Kit (PUCK) is a single controller for any model in the Pegasus family, and it can send autonomous missions to multiple Pegasus systems at once. The PUCK is a game style controller that uses government-owned software (ATAK, Nett Warrior) and COTS hardware (Android phone) for its user interface. Learn More


WarLoc™ is a GPS-denied localization device for dismounts. It is used to increase the safety and security of both the warfighters and first responders. The device attaches to the foot of operators and sends location information to a smartphone. WarLoc measures user position in all GPS-denied locations, from underground to skyscrapers. WarLoc technology is robust to GPS jamming and communications dropouts. Learn more

Pocket Universal Controller Kit

The Pocket Universal Controller Kit (PUCK) is the remote-control mechanism used by Robotic Research’s vehicles. It is designed to function in a tactical environment and has successfully passed third-party testing for IP67 (dust/water) and MIL-STD-810H (shock/vibration/temperature). The PUCK provides control mechanisms for teleoperation of vehicles, from aerial drones to ground vehicles. The PUCK also works with Android smartphones or tablets, which can be physically attached to the PUCK or connect in a stand-alone modality. The PUCK has been shown to integrate with ATAK, but a standard API is provided to ensure compatibility with other Android apps. Learn more