Data Collection & Analytics

Record. Upload. Store. Review.

Robotic Research’s nSight™ is a comprehensive end-to-end data collection and analytics suite to enable efficient evaluation, verification and validation, and event reconstruction. nSight is built on a scalable data upload and storage backbone for long-term storage in and access needs from the cloud.

nSight Recorder

Our on-vehicle data collection system records both raw and processed data from the vehicle, including raw sensor data as well as an open API for ADS data. All data is spatially and temporally tagged and synchronized. The removable hard drive allows for quick off-loading of data.

nSight Uploader

This uploading system quickly transfers data from an external hard drive to the nSight Vault, and can also be configured to simultaneously upload to several desired client destinations (e.g., AWS, Azure).

nSight Vault

Our advanced data storage and backup scheme utilizes internal servers and web server hosting as well as data encryption and decryption tools for safe and accessible data storage. nSight Review then provides automated data analysis tools including background monitoring, event tagging, performance statistics, info graphics and more.

nSight Review

This software suite provides automated data analysis tool including background monitoring, event tagging, performance statistics, info graphics, and more.