Navigation Solutions.






The RR-N-140 Navigation System provides accurate absolute and relative 3D (6 DOF) localization information for ground vehicles of all sizes. It is designed specifically for use on unmanned ground vehicles and is heavily customizable to incorporate a wide variety of sensor inputs into the navigation solution.

  • Accurate, real-time navigation/localization solution for wheeled or tracked ground vehicles
  • Adaptable for use on surface vessels
  • Exceptional localization performance in GPS-denied or compromised areas
  • Dual antenna GNSS for zero-speed heading detection and redundancy
  • Rugged IP67 Construction designed to meet shock and vibration environments typical of military vehicles
  • Up to 4X configurable vehicle speed / encoder inputs
  • Configurable GNSS and IMU options allow tailored solutions for all levels of performance
  • Customizable to directly interface with and process a variety of sensor inputs
  • Easy integration with the Robotic Research Warfighter Localization family of systems (WarLoc™)
  • Web interface for user-level diagnostics and configuration
  • Ethernet, CANbus, and RS-232 Serial Data Interfaces
  • Independent Ethernet ports for separation of navigation solution and sensor processing data
  • Robust Built-in-test (BIT) error reporting during runtime
  • Redundant IMU and GNSS options available for fault-tolerance
  • NTP Server and GPS PPS signals for time synchronization


WarLoc™ is a dismount GPS-denied localization device the provides localization to the infantry and first responders. This system can supply position coordinates in GPS-denied locations from underground facilities to mountain caves. The algorithms created for WarLoc are designed to circumvent anything from GPS denial or jamming to communications dropouts. The results are displayed to a user in a variety of display applications, including NettWarrior and ATAK. ATAK is currently a program of record with the US Army.