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“If you look back at the Iraq war, one of the most dangerous duties was driving, riding in a convoy between Kuwait City and Baghdad. We lost many, many soldiers, too many soldiers, to IED (roadside bomb) attacks, other attacks on convoys…I could’ve reduced that vulnerability, that sacrifice, (with) unmanned convoys or convoys that were manned by (only) a couple of soldiers.”

– Former Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper¹

Follow After Me.

Robotic Research is dedicated to the mission of saving lives by developing autonomous and semi-autonomous capabilities for the warfighter.  As part of CCDC Ground Vehicle Systems Center’s Autonomous Ground Resupply and Expedient Leader Follower programs, Robotic Research has developed AutoDrive-M – a fault-tolerant, vehicle-agnostic Autonomy Kit that can be installed onto any tactical wheeled vehicle.  Supporting such varied modalities such as Leader/Follower, Teleoperation, and Waypoint, AutoDrive-M provides critical functionality to support a variety of mission sets, from logistics to combat operations.


As a part of the Expedient Leader Follower program, 60 AutoDrive-M enabled Palletized Load System (PLS) vehicles are being issued to Soldiers for a one-year Operational Technical Demonstration (OTD) starting 4QFY19.

¹ https://breakingdefense.com/2018/05/army-secretary-rides-robot-truck-critical-tech-for-big-six/







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