Programs of Record

Robotic Combat Vehicle

The Robotic Combat Vehicle program is part of the Army Futures Command’s Next Generation Combat Vehicle effort. It seeks to provide soldiers in mechanized infantry and armor units with robotic “wingmen” that extend their reach and effectiveness on the battlefield. The Army hopes to have prototypes of the RCV in three weight categories in 2020 and full deployment of the platform on 2028.  The vehicles will share software and some part of the hardware infrastructure.  Robotic Research hardware (navigation unit and computing hardware) has been selected by the government as the preferred hardware solution and will be incorporated by most vehicle manufacturers.  The RTK (Robotic Technology Kernel) software (GVSC) is currently being merged with the Autonomous Group Resupply software developed by Robotic Research.  The joined software will become the software stack utilized on these vehicles.


Most RCV vehicles include a UAV.  Pegasus is one of the contender UAVs currently being considered for this task.