Beacon is a family of vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) edge-computing hardware and software used to augment the situational awareness of both manned and unmanned systems.

  • The Beacon RTK base station is the system used to provide Real Time Kinematic GPS corrections to the nearby autonomous vehicles to improve the accuracy of the vehicle’s navigation solution.
  • A Beacon Sense system is a distributed sensing/surveillance V2I node that extends the situational awareness of a vehicle beyond what it can see due to distance limitations or obstructions. Combining the sensor data from fixed and moving sources (i.e., onboard the autonomous vehicles) provides a more robust sensing capability, especially in areas of low visibility from the vehicle’s perspective.
  • Beacon C2 (Command and Control) identifies, classifies and analyzes sensor data from distributed surveillance sources. The processed world model allows for system-wide planning and improved safety of multi-vehicle autonomous operations in highly dynamic urban environments. This system is also equipped with a remote monitoring station that filters and identifies critical data with low false alarm rates, minimizes human interaction and reduces bandwidth.