Accessible Transit

Robotic Research strives to make mobility safer every day. Whether it is moving people or goods at first-mile-last-mile through autonomous vehicles, assisting the trucking and bus industry with operator aids, or creating easily accessible handicap vehicles, Robotic Research is making mobility safer, more efficient and accessible for all.


Robotic Research has developed the ParaLift system to overcome the current shortfalls in wheelchair accessibility.  The ParaLift provides an end-to-end solution to allow the wheelchair passenger to board and secure themselves with NO aid from another person; giving the passengers unprecedented level of independence.  Intuitive design with audible instructions from the announcement system quickly unloads the passengers in 40 seconds and loading passengers in 80 seconds.  ADA compliant and NHSTA crash tested.  Providing ample area for maneuvering the wheelchair and universal compatibility with wheelchairs of varying sizes and types. Side door loading makes pickup/drop-off safer; with a lift that folds out of the way to allow for ambulatory passengers as well.