At Robotic Research our capabilities in a variety of transportation sectors is making mobility safer and more efficient for society.  Robotic Research AutoDrive and other autonomy kits have been used by in more than 50 vehicle types from a variety of OEMs to automate numerous tasks:  from last mile to convoys to material transportation.

Mass Transit

Many pilots around the US are testing the safety improvements that autonomous aids and semi autonomous functions can bring to mass transportation.  Robotic Research is developing new autonomy aids for New Flyer (and subsidiary buses) these aids leapfrog current ADAS systems to provide functionalities approaching SAE level 4 capabilities.

First – Last Mile 

Many cities around the world are starting to use small electric shuttles to complement (and in some cities replace) traditional mass transit systems. Robotic Research in partnership has developed AutoDrive for this purpose. Autodrive is the most advanced vehicle agnostic autonomous system in the slow speed shuttle market. It requires minimum infrastructure while being able to operate in GPS denied areas with industry leading safety record.


The trucking industry has shown that Level 2 and 3 aids can reduce accidents and fatalities. Robotic Research autonomy kits are currently driving military vehicles without any humans onboard. These technologies can provide unique capabilities to the industry continuing to increase safety, while increasing roadway throughput, minimizing fuel consumption and aiding on the CDL driver shortage.

Accessible Transit

Robotic Research’s ParaLift demonstrates how automation can provide greater mobility and independence to people of all physical abilities.  This automated wheelchair lift and securement system allows wheelchair passengers to get on and off a vehicle unaided and can be integrated with mass transit or paratransit and be either human-driven or autonomous vehicles.

Operator Aids 4

Operator Aids

As the line between autonomous and semi-autonomous systems blurs with the introduction of new technology; Robotic Research has developed a series of tools that are designed to provide different levels of aid depending on the application from accurate lane keeping in poorly marked roads without GPS to providing pedestrian prediction capabilities that allow sufficient response time.