What Drives our Autonomy.

The AutoDrive™ autonomous driving system applique is the tried-and-tested autonomous driving kit that currently powers vehicles such as Local Motors’ Olli, Pratt & Miller’s shuttle and New Flyer buses. AutoDrive allows vehicles to drive on both pedestrian walkways and on public roads through pedestrian and vehicular traffic. This technology has been deployed to busy boardwalks, on corporate and academic campuses, and on busy public roads on four continents.


  • Providing ground vehicles with fixed-route autonomy, with applications in mass transit, first-last mile transportation and shipping.
  • Integration with a large range of ground vehicles and sensor configurations.
  • Incorporation of LIDAR, camera and radar sensors.
  • Operating in mixed traffic — around vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.
  • Operating in GPS-denied environments including underground and in dense urban landscapes.

Tried and True.

AutoDrive is designed to meet the needs of the commercial market but stands on the technological foundations of a long history of developing autonomous mobility solutions for the DoD. It builds on 20 years of expertise in unmanned systems including localization, mapping, sensor processing, obstacle avoidance and planning.