Join the Ever Curious.






Work side by side with industry leaders and subject matter experts in the field of autonomy and robotics. With an Executive “Open-Door Policy” that actually includes an open door, Robotic Research employees work closely with leadership to gain hands-on experience in their trade.


Let’s face it, we know the people you work with significantly impact the enjoyment of your job. Making friends as an adult isn’t easy, and between company outings, late night LAN parties, and daily banter – you’ll see why our people are really our greatest asset.



We don’t believe it takes years’ of experience to gain a voice in our Company. Ideas from all employees are not just welcome, but the norm.


Robotic Research employees thrive on solving complex problems. They don’t shy away from challenges and reap the rewards of their efforts.

Welcome to the BIG TIME.

A few of the things you can expect from working here.

Competitive Salary


Pet Days

Fresh Fruit Daily