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Robotic Research is an industry leader in providing autonomy kits for ground vehicles.  These modular autonomy kits can be integrated onto existing military ground vehicles allowing Implements Interoperability Profile (IOP) and containing higher-level robotic modes including, but not limited to, teleoperation, waypoint navigation and leader-follower. The result is a force multiplier for our military.






As part of our efforts on the Autonomous Ground Resupply and Expedient Leader Follower programs, the Robotic Research Autonomy Kit is installed on the Palletized Loading System (PLS) vehicle.  The PLS is a prime-mover truck composed of an integral self-loading and unloading transport capability, a 16.5-ton payload trailer, and demountable cargo beds (flat racks). The vehicle can also be equipped with materiel handling equipment and/or a winch. The PLS is a key transportation component of the ammunition distribution system for long-range hauling, local hauling and unit resupply of ammunition; it is a critical component of resupply and distribution systems.


The MUTT, the U.S. Army’s selection for the Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport (SMET) Program of Record has been equipped with Robotic Research’s autonomy kit. This payload will transform a standard MUTT, which requires significant user feedback, into one that can successfully perform higher-level tasks, which allows the warfighters to focus on their mission. The autonomy payload provides enhanced capabilities that include:

  • The ability to command the MUTT via the Pocket Universal Controller Kit (PUCK).
  • The PUCK enables the user to command the MUTT from potentially miles away; whereas previously, the MUTT required close proximity and line of sight.
  • Improved situational awareness through the payload’s capability to capture and store vast amounts of video, 2-D/3-D maps, and location data, which can be used for real-time or post-process analysis.
  • The ability to command the MUTT to follow a waypoint route. Multiple waypoints can be ordered into a list, and the MUTT will follow the route and negotiate terrain accordingly.
  • The ability of the MUTT to perform area searches with the user defining a polygon-like search area through longitude/latitude — video, mapping, and localization data can be downloaded post-process and displayed to users.
  • The ability of the MUTT to follow specific WarLocs. Warfighters in the field equipped with WarLocs can have the MUTT sent to them with supplies.

Polaris MRZR

The Polaris MRZR is a light mobility vehicle used to support warfighters. The vehicle has a 1,500-pound payload capacity, holds two litters and can seat four to six people. It is actively used for a wide variety of missions, including rapid personnel deployment and command and control.