Accessible Transit

Accessible Transit







Today’s challenge.

The majority of wheelchair users riding non-emergency medical transport require assistance from the driver to load, secure, and unload the passenger. Though mandates are being placed across the country to increase the accessibility of public transportation, research has shown that much of these barriers are attitudal and situational in nature, requiring education and modifications to the physical environment to overcome.


Tomorrow’s solution.

Robotic Research automated the on-boarding, securement, and off-boarding process for passengers using wheelchairs. ParaLift technology empowers wheelchairs users with independence over their riding experience today, while looking to the future when autonomous shuttles no longer have safety attendants on board. Intuitive design with audible instructions quickly unloads the passengers in 40 seconds and loads passengers in 80 seconds.


80/40 second load/unload time.

NHSTA Safety Crash-Tested.