Proven Experience. Customizable Solutions.

Years in Business.

Cities Deployed To.

Unique Platforms.

Autonomy that Outlasts.

What began as a small team of former NIST scientists specializing in the development of solutions to meet the unique needs of our armed forces, Robotic Research has grown into a household name in commercial and government autonomous operations.

Industry Leaders.

1st company DoD-approved to operate autonomously around pedestrians.
1st wartime deployments of unmanned systems.
1st unmanned autonomous trucks delivered for Army logistics applications.
1st prototype SAE Level-4 transit bus.
1st automated heavy-duty mass transit bus used in revenue service.


What Drives Us.


Our vision is to enhance your world in motion. Our mission is to pioneer advanced autonomy and intelligence systems through unrelenting curiosity, proven experience, and exhaustive dedication to mission success.



Superior technology can only be achieved through continuous innovation. We believe that innovation can come from any employee, in any capacity. That is why we value the contributions of every employee. We drive industry standards through our fearless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions.




Exceeding expectations requires commitment to mutual success. Regardless of size or scope, we treat every project with the same level of unwavering dedication. Being committed at Robotic Research means prioritizing success, anticipating challenges, and overcoming obstacles.




Honesty, fairness, and transparency are the backbone of Robotic Research. We don’t pitch sales, but instead seek out strategic partnerships with customers to achieve common goals. We are honest with our capabilities, fair with our estimates, and transparent with our objectives. We present the most genuine and accurate representation of ourselves.




Integrity is a fundamental characteristic of every Robotic Research employee. Employees are accountable to the law, to company policies, to their team, and to themselves. Mutual respect and a strong sense of morality drive every interaction. In every situation, personal and professional accountability is imperative.


Award-winning NIST scientists formed Robotic Research with forward-movement in mind. Nearly 20 years later, that vision has transformed government and commercial autonomous operations.


Our customers face unique challenges. Those challenges need custom solutions. Robotic Research is known for creating custom solutions that require minimal infrastructure and support. 


At our heart, we’re inventors who are driven to answer the world’s most complex problems. This passion for innovation has led to over 80 penned patents – and counting. We are here to dream, design, and build.

Our Leadership.