Karl Murphy, Co-Founder & Vice President

Karl Murphy

Mr. Murphy, co-founder of Robotic Research, LLC, has over 30 years of experience developing control systems for ground robotic vehicles.  Spanning the range of tele-op to autonomous control, his research has contributed to numerous DOD programs involving the cutting edge of robotic technology.  Early in his career, he began 18 years of service at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) where he worked on industrial robots and factory automation before turning to military robotic applications.  Mr. Murphy became the technical lead for NIST’s ground robotic programs prior to leaving the government.  Mr. Murphy has been a technical lead and/or managerial leader for a wide range of DoD programs starting with his work at NIST and continuing to the present. These include: Demo I, II and III, PerceptOR, the Army’s Future Combat System’s /Autonomous Navigation System (FCS/ANS), Vetronics Technology Integration (VTI), SARTI, Combat Autonomous Mobility System/Joint Capability Technology Demonstrations (CAMS-JCTD ), Robotic Technology Integration and Assessment (RTIA), Robotic Collative Technology Alliance (RCTA), Robotic Mine Detection System (RMDS) and SafeOps. The most recent programs include: IMOPAT, SOURCE, and the RASR Team in MAGIC-2010 (an international competition to demonstrate autonomous collaborative behavior for small robotic platforms).