First-Last Mile Solutions

Truck Based Logistics

The Problem.

Three decades since the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and significant barriers to public transportation remain a daunting challenge for many individuals with disabilities. The majority of wheelchair users riding non-emergency medical transport require assistance from the driver to load, secure, and unload the passenger. Though mandates are being placed across the country to increase the accessibility of public transportation, research has shown that much of these barriers are attitudal and situational in nature, requiring education and modifications to the physical environment to overcome.


The Solution.

ParaLift™, Robotic Research’s accessible transportation vehicle featuring automated boarding and securement for wheelchair passengers, helps to mitigate common barriers to accessible transportation access. Robotic Research’s ADA compliant and NHSTA crash-tested ParaLift system is capable of autonomously loading and securing a wheelchair user in a shorter period– all while giving the wheelchair user control over the loading and unloading experience. By automating the process, Robotic Research is reducing barriers to public transportation for individuals with disabilities.

Skills Used.

Autonomous Technology: 100%
Innovation: 80%






ParaLift™ provides ample area for maneuvering the wheelchair and offers universal compatibility with wheelchairs of varying sizes and types. The side door loading makes pickup/drop-off safer; with a lift that folds out of the way to allow for ambulatory passengers as well.

Our Autonomy in Action.